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When you’re in the middle of a legal crisis, you want to be sure that you’re working with a firm you can trust.   After all, the added stress of finding the right attorney can already be overwhelming for some.   At Bueker Law Firm, we’re here to take that stress off of your shoulders.  

Whether it is a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, be sure that you choose the right attorney. 

Know Your Options

My practice focuses on Chapter 13 reorganization. Chapter 13 stops lawsuits, garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures, and allows avoidance of judgement liens. Repayment plans are three to five years and allow reductions of interest and payments on most secured debts. Unsecured debts can be discharged or paid in part or in full at 0% interest. Chapter 7 allows you to discharge most unsecured debts but you can lose property if you cannot exempt it. You can keep secured property in Chapter 7 if you are current on payments and agree to reaffirm or not discharge the debt. I have over 16 years of Chapter 13 experience and will personally speak with you by phone or in person free of charge. Please allow me to earn your business. 

Whatever your circumstances, Bueker Law Firm will guide you through the path to fiscal solvency with confidence.

We Are Here For You

Not everyone can afford representation, but we believe everyone ought to. That’s why at Bueker Law Firm, we accept referrals from Legal Aid of Arkansas.

With this assistance, you’ll have access to the knowledge and expertise of big firms, while getting the excellent quality of personal service and small-firm experience that you deserve. 

Affordable Representation

Hiring a firm to assist you can be stressful enough. But when you’re facing bankruptcy, the daunting frustration of how to pay for those services that you need can be overwhelming. Have no fear! At Bueker Law Firm, we’re prepared to work with you to assist with your financial options. 

Our Chapter 7  fees are negotiable, and we will file your 
Chapter 13 for $0 down on attorney fees. 
Jeremy bueker

Years Of Experience

Jeremy Bueker has over 16 years of bankruptcy experience.  In particular Bueker Law Firm focuses on Chapter 13 reorganization.  We have a goal of giving clients better attention, efficient care, and, above all, the respect and personalized service that they need.      

  Please allow me to earn your business. 
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